About Us

Specialist Apps is a leading technology company providing organizations across the globe with holistic ‘visitor engagement’ solutions. With teams based in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK, we have over 20 years of software development experience.

We specialise in helping public attractions and institutions such as Zoos, Museums, Aquariums, Schools, Universities and Botanic Gardens maximise their business effectiveness by creating deeper engagement with their clients / visitors / students.

We work closely with you and your senior leadership and marketing teams to help leverage the latest digital technologies to solve compelling, real world problems. We make use of the latest Navigation, Routing, GeoFencing, Augmented Reality (AR), Wearable, Way-Finding and Beacon technology.

We work collaboratively with each client to leverage our know how and experience to provide individually tailored solutions built upon solid technical foundations and an extensive suite of existing IP.

Our industry leading Proximity eLockers Visitor Engagement platform is the result of many years development and collaboration. This provides the foundation for our Visitor Engagement Apps , Interactive Touch Screen solution , Screen-Control system and analytics and reporting dashboard.

Proximity eLockers provides a robust and extensible cloud based content and workflow management system. This allows us to rapidly develop exciting new extensions and functionality that can help your organisation engage and retain customers in new and innovative ways.

Our development team contains a unique mix of young, eager App developers who continuously explore the very latest technologies and mobile and wearable innovations working along side our senior project management team, system architects, human interface designers, technical direction and customer support.

This mix of youth and experience enables us to develop Applications for your organisation that are on the very cutting edge of technology yet founded on scalable, proven paradigms. This ensures that the solutions we develop with you will work flawlessly on your target audience’s devices.

We can remove the pain and mystery often associated with new technology and help you to deliver compelling visitor engagement solutions in a cost effective, time sensitive manner.

Specialist Apps