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Using technology to provide smarter ways to deliver services and promote assets in their own backyards

Specialist Apps has worked closely with local councils and town shires to develop a comprehensive suite of tools for smart city solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of rural and urban communities across Australia and beyond.

Our solutions are applicable for a wide variety of local councils and city / town shires… from large, densely populated city councils through to small population base communities spread across large geographical areas.

Our Visitor Engagement Platform, Proximity eLockers, is a cloud based content management solution that allows management staff at city councils and shires to centrally manage content being shared to SmartPhone Apps, Interactive Information Kiosks, and Digital Signage.

Visitors to a region can receive smartphone alerts when entering or exiting geofenced locations, alerting them to places of interest, community notices, emergency alerts, visitor surveys, parking information or heritage trails and walking tours nearby.

Younger visitors can be engaged through Location Based Treasure Hunts and Augmented Reality Challenges and games.

Tailored to meet the needs of digital placemaking and community engagement planners, local council and shire staff can centrally manage, create and curate Self-Guided Walking, Driving and Cycling Tours, Wayfinding Interactive Maps, information notice boards, and local business directories.

Our Business Registration Portal provides councils with a sustainable, self managed registration portal that allows local businesses to quickly register and maintain information specific to their business, location, programs, events, and promotion campaigns.

Our mobile workflow engine provides Council Staff with a quick, simple way to moderate business registration applications.

Visitors can be alerted when they are close to a point of interest via wearable technology

Trails, maps, tours, local business directories and local events can all be managed by designated council or shire staff, and pushed directly to Interactive Information Kiosks, Smartphone Apps, and Intelligent Digital Signage.

Any number of interactive information kiosks (both indoor and outdoor) can be deployed, allowing councils to grow their digital information services offering organically over time and as needs arise.

Existing council digital signage can be readily adapted to support our Visitor Engagement Solution, through the addition of a small, low cost eLockers SmartScreen Set Top Unit. The image below illustrates how centrally managed content could be pushed to local signage.

Specialist Apps provides Urban Planners, Community Engagement Staff and Local Council Strategists with a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions to assist in the roll out of sustainable digital infrastructure for local community and visitor engagement. Regional Planning and Environment needs can be enhanced by greatly reducing traditional paper based visitor guides and locality maps.

BIG DATA Analytics provide town planners and council staff with incredible insights into visitor behaviour. This allows councils to build capability in delivering cutting-edge data-led urban planning. The Proximity eLockers Analytics Dashboard provides relevant council and management staff with real time heat maps of visitor dwell times, App usage, Kiosks Interactions, Visitor Information Centre Requests and much more. All data is of course gathered anonymously and in compliance with relevant General Data Protection Regulations.

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