Port Adelaide Smart City

"We have loved working with you on this project and have learnt so much! We look forward to continuing on our smart cities journey at PAE"

Karen Cummings, City Developent Manager, Port Adelaide

The Port Adelaide Enfield Smart City Project is the culmination of over 2 years of research and development and 12 months of close collaboration with Specialist Apps and has been made possible thanks to federal and local government funding.

The initiative comprises multi-channel information services designed to appeal to a broad and diverse target audience.

The identified target audiences include: Tourists, Foreign Language Visitors, Cruise Boat Arrivals, Local Day-Trippers, the local community, local business operators, and younger members of the public.

A stated aim of the project is to make use of the very latest Interactive Wayfinding Signage to make digital content available to the visitor and provide an inviting, diverse and well connected cultural experience in the Port Adelaide CBD.

A State of the art 55” 4K Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk installed in the heart of the Port.

A Visit Port Adelaide Enfield App for Android and iOS that leverages the latest real time way-finding, routing, geofencing and contextual alerts.

A Location Based Augmented Reality “Ghosts of Port Adelaide” game

A Business Registration Portal to allow local businesses to self register on the platform

A Visitor Engagement Platform – real time content management, dynamic updating, BIG Data Analytics.

Both the Interactive Touch screen Kiosk and the Visit Port Adelaide Enfield Apps leverage the same content and information managed and maintained in the Visitor Engagement Platform.

This information provides visitors with core, relevant information including:

  • What to Do and See
  • Where to Eat and Drink
  • Events
  • Tours
  • An Interactive Map
  • Where to Stay

Visitors can quickly search for any local business, and receive real time directions and guidance to all relevant search results....showing businesses closest to their current location.

City Council Staff are able to create self-guided, curated walking tours around the city. Initial tours offered include “Walk the Port”, and “Heritage Plaques” tours, with new tours including the Ghosts of Port Adelaide walk being rolled out next.

Further features of the App include a comprehensive Day Planner, Journal to record (and share) experiences around the port and the exciting location based treasure hunt game “The Ghosts of Port Adelaide”..

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