We offer a range of products and can highly customise them to suit our clients needs. Scroll down to learn about some of our solutions:

Proximity eLockers

A new epoch in visitor engagement

Mobility and the advent of ubiquitous smartphones is one of the most disruptive developments in modern history.

We specialise in helping Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, Botanic Gardens, Public Attractions and Educational Institutions embrace this mobile revolution.

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Interactive way-finding maps


Specialist Apps way-finding maps provide a complete mapping solution for outdoor/ indoor spaces which can be used to enable modern turn-by-turn navigation services optimised for mobile devices at any location including areas with limited or no Internet connectivity.

Our mapping technology provides powerful features making wayfinding and navigation easy and is backed by a set of cloud based tools for quick setup and maintaining of map content in real-time.


Interactive Touchscreen System

A Better Way To Engage Visitors

Introducing Specialist Apps’ New ITS
Interactive Touchscreen System

  • Deliver audio, video and rich interactive media with the tap of a finger
  • Inform visitors in their language of choice
  • Do away with obsolete, static “dumb” screens that are difficult to update and maintain
  • Remotely manage and update content on any screen from anywhere
  • Track and monitor usage

With Specialist App’s new ITS Interactive Touch Screen system, you can enhance and enrich a visitor’s engagement experience by providing relevant and personalized information, across multiple locations, and updated in real time. The new ITS system supports many forms of media, including images, video, text and audio, in multiple formats and in multiple languages.



Introducing Specialist App’s new
Screen-Control system.

The Screen-Control system incorporates our purposed built Screen-Control App, Proximity eLockers visitor engagement platform and leverages the latest state of the art Android based Set Top Systems for flexible, cost effective deployment.

Engage with visitors | Provide a more enjoyable / memorable guest experience through compelling, targeted and relevant content | Simplify management of screen content with a manufacturer agnostic cloud based mobile platform | Timed content scheduling for the delivery of relevant content to target groups at specified times | Equally applicable to indoor and outdoor screens and digital signage | Add Value to corporate events and venue hire / sponsorships through targeted messaging to specific screens at pre-scheduled times


School/Campus eLockers

How do YOU engage with your students in the smartphone, tablet and social media era?

Wander around your school and you can’t fail to observe the ever-increasing
amount of ‘smart’ devices available through both the school and it’s students. Modernising your communication approach to enable combined technologies can dramatically enhance learning and teaching both in and out of the classroom.

Our modern students are ‘digital natives’ who communicate powerfully through modern means, School/Campus eLockers™ provides you the ‘glue’ that enables teachers to do so too.