Specialist Apps way-finding maps provide a complete mapping solution for outdoor/ indoor spaces which can be used to enable modern turn-by-turn navigation services optimised for mobile devices at any location including areas with limited or no Internet connectivity.

Our mapping technology provides powerful features making wayfinding and navigation easy and is backed by a set of cloud based tools for quick setup and maintaining of map content in real-time.

Features and benefits:

example map screen

  • Mobile friendly and compatible with all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Build for offline operation:   providing navigation without relying on any Internet connection.
  • Indoor navigation options available using Bluetooth based positioning.
  • Instant distance indications, shortest path calculations, and turn-by-turn navigation directions for any location without relying on 3rd party modules or services.
  • Accessibility mode provides navigation directions for users with accessibility needs.
  • Customisable base map layer allows the creation of  unique looking maps based on preferred styling or existing paper-based map designs.
  • Built-in tour navigation mode with visual display of  tour stops, pathways and turn-by-turn directions for each stop.
  • Built-in search allowing easy, dynamic filtering and quick location of items, places of interest, facilities and real time distance indications and navigation directions
  • Visual “What’s Around Me “ 360 degree scanner for easy discovery of items at a current user locations
  • Visual cloud based map data layer management tools allowing for real time updates of all the map data layers including labels, markers, pathways and routing
  • Support for Augmented Reality navigation and turn by turn guidance