A new epoch in visitor engagement is approaching

The advent of smart phones represents a profound change in the way we interact with and access information.

Practically every visitor to a museum or gallery is now carrying a smartphone in their pocket.  With the advent of Beacon technology and intelligent content curation, we are on the cusp of a new era in visitor engagement and interaction.

Language – Museums or galleries can now provide rich, self guided, interactive tours with unlimited contextual information sent directly to a visitors smartphone or tablet in the language of their choice

Accessibility – Beacon Proximity Push technology means that multi-modal content can be targeted directly and personally to each visitor, and tailored to their specific needs and interests.

iBeacon™ is a new technology that enables an iOS device (and Android Devices with BlueTooth 4.0 support) or other hardware to send push notifications to mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones in close proximity. The iBeacon can trigger the launching of specific apps, video tutorials, messages, images and other digital resources on a users iPads or iPhone as they enter a specific area.

A strategic integration of iBeacons in learning and exhibition spaces has the potential to engage visitors with exciting contextual resources aimed at raising engagement with the exhibit space and the content.

This technology can also be used to bring site tours to life by triggering certain messages on the visitors’ devices as well as to highlight the latest news or other interesting facts about an installation.

To maximize the benefit that proximity and beacon technology offers, museums or galleries need to be able to quickly and easily manage the content being pushed to a user’s device.

Proximity eLockers is a resource delivery and collaboration platform designed specifically for Museums and Galleries.  Proximity eLockers provides a powerful and intuitive way to directly manage content.

Proximity eLockers is future proof.  Any form of digital content can be pushed to a user’s device, based on their proximity and context and language and accessibility needs.