Introducing Specialist App’s new
Screen-Control system.

The Screen-Control system incorporates our purposed built Screen-Control App, Proximity eLockers visitor engagement platform and leverages the latest state of the art Android based Set Top Systems for flexible, cost effective deployment.

Engage with visitors | Provide a more enjoyable / memorable guest experience through compelling, targeted and relevant content | Simplify management of screen content with a manufacturer agnostic cloud based mobile platform | Timed content scheduling for the delivery of relevant content to target groups at specified times | Equally applicable to indoor and outdoor screens and digital signage | Add Value to corporate events and venue hire / sponsorships through targeted messaging to specific screens at pre-scheduled times

  • Screen-Control allows you to remotely manage and control screen content on displays of any size, model or manufacturer.
  • With Screen-Control you can manage content on individual screens or take control of the entire fleet of screens across your organisation.
  • Screen-Control is an intelligent middle layer solution that allows you to cost effectively add intelligence to legacy “dumb” screens, without the need to upgrade them or swap them out.
  • Screen-Control allows your executive management and marketing teams to remotely manage content effortlessly from any mobile device through one common cloud based solution.
  • Perfect for Events and Venue Hire: Quickly create content schedules for individual screens, allowing rapid deployment of targeted campaigns, welcome announcements, company videos / logos and more.


Screen Control supports many forms of media, including images, video, text and audio and provides management staff full control over flow, transitions, intervals and the timed delivery of content to each screen.


  • Add new life to your old technology by converting your existing dumb screens to Smart screens.
  • Control & manage content effortlessly from anywhere with one common cloud based mobile interface. Edit or update content from your mobile device seamlessly
  • Timed content scheduling for the delivery of relevant content to target groups at specified locations and specified times.
  • Push messages and announcements globally to all screens or to individual screens at front of house or around your organization in real time.
  • Extensible and customisable. Unlike proprietary brand streaming solutions from display manufacturers and screen vendors, Screen-Control employs the latest Android platform and locally developed App that can be customised and extended to meet specific client requirements. Screen-Control is evolving constantly as new clients explore new ways to engage customers and we work closely with clients to further extend and customise the system to meet their specific needs
  • Create dynamic connections between Smart-Screens and Smart-Phones leveraging beacons, proximity awareness and augmented reality extensions to create compelling new interactions and visitor experiences.
  • Educate & communicate with deeper behind the scenes narratives, enrichment stories and more using live video streaming, rich media content, and real-time information.
  • Mitigate boredom during peak season queuing times by providing rich, entertaining and relevant content.
  • Ideal for outdoor environments, Specialist Apps has partnered with some of the leading outdoor large screen manufacturers to deliver a powerful end to end communications solution that combines the content flexibility Screen-Control with screens that have been tried and tested to operate under the harshest environmental settings ensuring exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions even in direct sunlight.
  • One common content management platform for managing content: Screen-Control makes use of the Proximity eLockers visitor engagement platform and Content Management System, the same system used to control and push content to Interactive Touch Screens, Visitor Engagement Apps.

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