Skyrail Cable Way

"Working in collaboration with our team, Specialist Apps developed an interpretive app and audio guide, ideal for the immersive rainforest experience Skyrail Rainforest Cableway provides. Available as a multi-lingual application, the Skyrail interpretive app utilises GPS location and augmented reality technology to deliver an interactive, interpretive experience which enhances our overall visitor experience.

We continue to work with Specialist Apps in developing customised and exciting new enhancements to our app. Specialist Apps provide a collaborative approach to product development and support and we look forward to working with them into the future."

Kevin Parise - Director of Sales, Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Specialist Apps has worked closely with the Skyrail team to create an app which guides visitors on their discovery tour of the majestic Wet Tropics Rainforest. As the Skyrail gondolas glide over the rainforest canopy, audio commentary is triggered and plays automatically at relevant (geofenced) locations.

Purpose built wayfinding maps of the area and an intelligent itinerary linked automatically to the Skyrail ticketing system help users stay on track. As visitors progress on their tour contextual alerts remind them of how much time is available at each station, and at Kuranda village, so as not miss the Scenic Railway.

Augmened Reality technology is used to bring rare animals to life and makes it possible to see these shy creatures in their natural rainforest surroundings. All this, and more, made possibly with a user’s personal mobile device, in their preferred language and without relying on Internet connectivity.

At Skyrail, we have deployed the very latest location based Augmented Reality to surprise and delight visitors to the rainforest. At key locations around Red Peak and Barron Falls, visitors can be immersed in virtual butterflies...

Or get to meet a virtual snake, or cassowary, up close, and in-person

Contextual, Intelligent Itinerary View - Location and Time Aware

  • Clear personalised overview of the itinerary based on the booking
  • Intelligent time and location based prompts and reminders
  • Links to relevant maps/navigation assistance for each itinerary item for quick directions
  • Intelligent linking to suggested activities for current location based on time of day and time available
  • Itinerary data updates automatically to ensure it is up to date when booking changes
  • Multi-language support allowing to view itinerary in language of choice

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