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Specialist Apps is a leading software development company incorporated in Hong Kong, with teams based in Australia and the UK, and over 20 years development experience.

Specialist Apps is at the forefront of developing visitor engagement Apps for Local Councils and Shires, Zoos, Aquariums, Botanic Gardens, Museums, Schools, Universities and Public /Tourist Attractions across Australia, Asia and Europe.

We work closely with each client to develop visitor engagement Apps that solve compelling, real world problems for Visitors to their attractions.

By making use of the latest navigation, routing, and beacon technology, a Visitor’s smartphone becomes an incredibly powerful enhancement of their day out.

We work collaboratively with each new customer to leverage our know how and extend our existing Proximity eLockers Visitor Engagment platform to develop exciting new extensions and functionality.

Specialist Apps has worked closely with major public attractions and local councils to develop a comprehensive suite of tools for smart city solutions, tailored specifically to the needs of rural and urban communities across Australia and beyond.

Our solutions are applicable for a wide variety of local councils and city / town shires… from large, densely populated city councils through to small population base communities spread across large geographical areas.

Our Visitor Engagement Platform, Proximity eLockers, is a cloud based content management solution that allows management staff at city councils and shires to centrally manage content being shared to SmartPhone Apps, Interactive Information Kiosks, and Digital Signage.

Tailored to meet the needs of digital placemaking and community engagement planners, local council and shire staff can centrally manage, create and curate content including news, alerts, safety information campaigns, Wayfinding Interactive Maps, information notice boards, and local business directories.

Real Time Way Finding, Trails, maps, tours, local business directories and local events can all be managed by designated council staff, and pushed directly to Interactive Information Kiosks, Smartphone Apps, and Intelligent Digital Signage.

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