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The Pandemic has completely disrupted traditional business models; where people work, when and where they travel and what they now expect when they do so.

This is a great opportunity to use technology to improve delivery of services, and provide smarter, safer environments for visitors to regions.

Having worked with many public attractions over the past decades. We are now being approached by more and more local councils as they re-think how to leverage the assets in their own backyard, and increasingly focus on promoting to the local community and domestic travellers.

Heritage trails, mural trails, silo artwork, hiking / walking and cycling trails can be delivered in a smarter, more relevant manner using the powerful features available on today’s smart phones.

This newsletter highlights new initiatives from very different local councils, one in Metropolitan Melbourne, and the other being a collective effort by a group of councils in remote Western Australia.

Our Latest Projects:

Love South Melbourne

Come and Love South Melbourne!

Discover South Melbourne’s Hidden Gems, meet the colourful locals and experience for yourself all that its famous for: markets, artisanal food and coffee, artistic laneways, roof top bars, musical experiences and much much more.

Download this app and let it guide you through some of the most fascinating and sometimes delicious experiences on offer.

Murchison GeoRegion

The Murchison GeoRegion takes you on a journey through a unique and ancient landscape full of stories that reach back almost to the Earth’s beginning some 4.54 billion years ago. The GeoRegion’s self-drive trail visits 21 sites of national and international, natural and cultural significance. While visiting abiotic, biotic and cultural features of significant sites in the region, visitors can expect to develop a deeper understanding of, and connection with, the land.

Witness the result of geological forces of colliding continents, long-gone oceans and destructive meteorites. Learn about Jack Hills and the oldest terrestrial material ever found, or marvel at any number of spectacular rock formations including Walga Rock, Mount Yagahong and London Bridge.

Discover unique native flora and fauna across Western Australia’s mulga region, and an array of birdlife at Wooleen Lake or Bilung Pool. Track emus, kangaroos and reptiles, and be treated to the dazzling annual display of wildflowers every July to September right across the Murchison.

Connect with stories and legends that map thousands of years of human history. WA’s longest continuous gold mining centre, Mount Magnet, is right here in the Murchison. Learn about the world’s oldest continuous underground mining operation at Wilgie Mia, see WA’s only remaining gold battery in action at Paynes Find, or the remains of a fine brewery in Sandstone.

Latest Tech Updates

Introducing EdCheck Detect

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and facial scanning technology, All EdCheck testing stations now support real time recognition of users wearing facemasks or not.

This feature has been driven by mutliple requests and the need to monitor, encourage and even enforce the wearing of face masks when entering a premises, based on simple rules that can be applied and updated quickly and easily.

Due to the changing nature of regulations and rules regarding face masks, we've made it simple and fast to change and enforce policies across an organisation, or at specific locations. The screens below illustrate how management can control and update these settings easily using their mobile phones.

Stealth Marketing Tips

Having developed a comprehensive Smart City initiative that includes an interactive Visitor Engagement App and Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks, the marketing team at the City of Port Adelaide Enfield in South Australia are constantly finding new ways to promote their work to locals and domestic travellers.

This video provides a fantastic example of how the power and reach of local Television can be leveraged for stealth marketing of council programs.

Pandemic driven innovation:

Necessity is the mother of invention. During the Pandemic, Specialist Apps has been working closely with a number of large education institutions and medical colleges in the United Kingdom and Singapore to develop Temperature Screening and contact tracing technology.

Employing the very latest Ai technology we are able to make use of natural language processing to provide new human / machine interactions and communication paradigms. We believe these new interfaces and ways of interacting will be of direct relevance for new Interactive Information Kiosks.

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